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Mentee: Reagan Bourne 

Mentor: Jonathan Valyou

Utilizing convolutional neural networks to visualize health care data

Mentee: Ian Bridges

Mentor: Jonathan Schillinger

Topics in group theory

Mentee: Dylan Connell

Mentor: Emmanuel Hartman

An object-oriented implementation of unbalanced optimal transport using clone metrics

Mentee: Ethan Hacker

Mentor: Alex White

A fractal analysis of music

Mentee: Alexandra Harris

Mentor: Tristen Jackson

Modeling infection dynamics of listeria monocytogenes

Mentee: Desiree Jones

Mentor: Nicole Bruce

Modeling infectious disease with airborne transmission

Mentee: Jeremiah Hockaday

Mentor: Nicholas Ossi

Solitons and the inverse scattering transform

Mentee: Sage Quillen

Mentor: Azaryah Wilson

Numerical solutions of stochastic differential equations

Mentee: Ayotuntosimi Loye

Mentor: Abdullah Malik

Simplicial sets are Chu spaces

Mentee: Evan Rowbotham

Mentor: Farez Siddiqui

Using Monte Carlo reinforcement learning to solve blackjack

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